Blood, Sweat and Muffins

I’ve always wanted to do a fundraising charitable event, I remember inquiring into doing a Skydive for national Mencap when I was 17 but unfortunately I was too young, lucky escape looking back now. I hate highs!!

After returning from my holiday to start my role within fundraising I was welcomed by an envelope with a post-it reading “LOOK INTO THIS DEAN”. On opening the letter regarding the British 10k Run I automatically knew HF Mencap would have runners in this race and I wanted to be one of them.

The first task would be to recruit runners, a lively team of 11 men and women from Tower 42, a skyscraper within the City of London.

Over the next few months we all started working on different training routines some with more input than others, mentioning no names…………

The beginning of my training plan was to jog little and often, which ended up staying the same until about two weeks before the race.

Then I started to get serious, running everywhere, all over London like a crazy cheetah just been released back into the wild, but only managing to run around 8k which is worrying as the race is 10k long.

The night before race day arrived and as instructed by running professionals I ate a lovely well balanced meal and had an early night. During the night I was feeling anxious, which makes me hungry, so without care or fear I destroyed the contents of most of my flatmates mini muffins and returned to bed completely relaxed and full. They were soooo yummy!!!!!!!

After my flatmate and I solved the mystery of the disappearance of the muffins (we must have been robbed in the night) we headed to meet the other runners and joined the thousands of people participating. Before we knew it, the gun was sounded and we were off.

As we all started running I lost sight of all my team within the army of runners heading towards the finish line. The run was hard in the July heat but enjoyable, with so many feelings and emotions rushing within my body and mind as my feet hit the road surface.

Just as I could feel my legs starting to slow down, I heard a crowd of people cheering and shouting my name, Staff and Service Users from HF Mencap had come to support us and this pushed me on to the finish line with a spring in my step.

All 12 runners were able to cross the finish line on Sunday 13th July 2014 and raised an amazing amount of money for HF Mencap, which will enable us to continue projects and provide support to empower people with learning disabilities.

I would like to add my personal thanks to the team of runners from Tower 42 who made the day a tremendous success

Dean Ashby

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