Having fun with Safety Net Youth

During our School’s Out programme we went on many different trips from ‘Crazy Golf’ to ‘Come and Clay’ at the Southbank. Throughout the month our members were updating a blog about the activities they were taking part in and what they enjoyed most. Here are a few of the highlights from our month.

At ‘Putt in the Park’ Huda and Safeena enjoyed ‘getting the ball in the pond and then watching and helping to take out the ball from the pond’. Whilst Arvindh and Sasha had the most fun ‘hitting the ball and getting the ball into the hole’. Everyone who attended said that they would like to do crazy golf again.

Jake was ‘really excited to see the flight tech room’ when we visited the Science Museum. We also watched a 3D film about robots, from this Orlando ‘learnt about robots and robotic movement’. Kelly also ‘liked the 3D robot film’.
At the Chinese buffet Orlando and Jake enjoyed ‘eating lots of different types of food and beautiful meat’. Junior enjoyed ‘getting to meet new people’.

We had a very fun day out exploring the Southbank. Here we also got the opportunity to create items out of clay. Orlando ‘had the most fun making a clay pot and enjoyed learning this new skill’. Rudi also ‘learnt to clay and made a pumpkin’.

There was also the opportunity within our ‘School’s Out’ programme to try out different sports and start up a new hobby! Jake learnt ‘netball power and martial arts!’, whilst Rudi had the most fun ‘riding bikes’. Since this Rudi has been back to visit the bike workshops again during his weekends!
We are now looking forward to starting our term time events!


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