Funky Nite

Funky Nite is a club night run for and by people with learning disabilities. We run it roughly 4 times a year and have had a variety of different themes including Halloween, Beach Party & Hollywood.

Funky Nite has is run by a sub group of SafetyNet People First and takes us three months to plan. Planning starts with a subgroup meeting where we sort out the date and review the budget. Once the date has been set, we decide on the theme and design the flyers.

To make sure Funky Nite is busy we need to promote as much as possible. We have handed out flyers to other organisations and club nights, send emails out and post on social media, some of the team went to local parks to put up posters.

We run DJ training workshops so people who are interested can learn new skills and get the opportunity to DJ on the night, as well as these DJs we have a range of different DJs with learning disabilities from across London.
Before the event we go shopping to get props and decorations for the theme, then on the day the Funky Nite team and HF Mencap staff go down to Bush Hall to put up all the decorations and setup different activities like a photo booth, speed dating and dance performances.

To make sure that everybody who wants to can come to Funky Nite we do provide transport for local people to attend who cannot use public transport. This is extremely important for us to provide as Funky Nite is sometimes the only thing that some people go to get out of their house.

Our Highlights

Stars in the Sky (speed dating), Dance performances by Blink Dance Theatre & Photo Booths.

What people say about Funky Nite

“ I enjoy meeting up with Friends”
“I love having a dance”
“It gets me out of the house”
“I get to go to a real nightclub”
“I like doing the dance offs”

Funky Nite has been really popular and successful over the last 13 years and we rely on the generous donations from local people and others around the world to keep Funky Nite going.

If you would like to get involved or make a donation please contact SafetyNet People First on 0208748 5168 or email

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