Value and benefits of pets


We recognise that the provision of pets within the setting provides our clients with a wealth of learning opportunities regarding what animals need to live and thrive and the importance of taking care of them throughout the year. Having the rabbits have shown other positive outcomes for the people we support, such as increased confidence, sensitivity and empathy. 

HF Mencap has two rabbits: Blousey and Tallulah

They joined us in late 2017 and are a very much loved part of our family!

Health and Hygiene
Staff are fully aware of the importance of health and hygiene when individuals are in contact with animals. Staff guide and monitor that the people we support do not put their hands near their faces when they have been in contact with pets or pet foods until they have washed their hands. Staff ALWAYS ensure that each person washes their hands very well after touching or handling pets or pet food in the centre.

Staff are also aware of safety issues and ensure that clients only come into contact with safe pets and are closely supervised at all times.

Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments are carried out on our pets to ensure necessary precautions are taken to prevent accident, injury or the spread of infection, including hand washing using sterilising gel and the avoidance of our clients putting hands and fingers in their mouths.

Animal Awareness
We recognise of the value and importance of the people we support seeing and having access to pets and animals, therefore sometimes we provide access to visiting Pets.