NOTE: We are currently reviewing ALL policies and procedures. These will be uploaded upon completion and all staff will receive notification. 

Click on the links below to review HF Mencap’s policies and procedures:

Privacy Notice GDPR Employees 2018

Employee Safety Handbook 2017

Employee Handbook updated March 2017

HF Mencap Positive behaviour management policy 2018

HF Mencap Risk Assessemnt Policy and Procedure 2018

HF Mencap Child Protection and Adults at Risk Policy and Procedure 2018

HF Mencap Allegations against staff or volunteers, who work with children Policy and Procedure 2018

Hot Weather Policy 2018

Please note – All HF Mencap staff are expected to read, understand and follow our policies and procedures. Please complete the form below confirming that you have read the relevant documentation, understand it and will adhere to our expectations: