Safety Net – People First is a Disabled People’s Organisation run by and for people with learning disabilities

Our Mission: To make sure people with learning disabilities are included, respected, safe, fulfilled, confident and in control.

Our Values: Safety Net-People First is run by people with learning disabilities because:

  • we believe we have a right to make our own choices and decisions
  • we have valuable experience we want to share, not only with other Disabled people, but with everyone – to really help improve equality and access for people with learning disabilities
  • we want to challenge stereotyping of people with learning disabilities by proving that we can speak up for ourselves and take control!

Our Objectives:

  1. Rights, Respect and Access 
  2. Choice and Control 
  3. Reducing Isolation

Services we provide: 

Peer support:

We support people with learning disabilities to develop their skills and confidence to self-advocate. We run weekly self-advocacy meetings providing peer support on issues such as voting, employment, independent living. We also provide training and peer support which allows people to self-advocate. This includes training on personal safety, assertiveness, rights, budgeting, independent living, employment, choice and control and travel.

Campaigns and co-production:

Ongoing campaigns include Hate Crime and Accessibility of services and information. We work collaboratively to support the design of services that will benefit all of society. SNPF are part of a larger network that works towards influencing change. We sit on the Local DDPO Network in H&F and the DPC – as you know. We represent people with learning disabilities in local planning and decision making by sitting on a number of boards and forums as well as working closely with the LBHF Partnership Board.

Training Hub:

Training professionals on the rights and needs of people with learning disabilities.

We have a successful track record and good reputation for our bespoke training to professionals. Training includes: Equality and Diversity, Disability Awareness, Hate Crime and Accessible Information.

We have many happy customers such as the MET Police, Royal Holloway and Kingston University, GP’s and LBHF housing officers who have given us excellent feedback for the training we have delivered. Last year we trained over 250 Police staff and have just received a training award from Royal Holloway. The training and advice from us supports their professional development and helps them work better with clients with learning disabilities.

Inclusive social activities:

Social exclusion and isolation is something we work towards breaking down. We organise and manage quarterly club nights and member led activities that take place in the local community and further afield.

Why our services are important:

People with learning disabilities face many barriers:

  1. Access to rights and services
  • Austerity policies and cuts to benefits and services affect Disabled people much more than non-Disabled people.
  • It is hard for people with learning disabilities to find out about opportunities and rights. There is a lack of information in different accessible formats, like Easy Read, ‘jargon’ free and large print.
  1. Lack of choice and control
  • There are negative attitudes towards people with LD being in control of their lives. Lack of understanding that people with LD can be successful.
  • There are very few organisations run by people with learning disabilities. There is a lack of belief in people’s ability to do this.
  • Difficulties accessing Access to Work to provide enough of the right kind of support.


Membership of Safety Net – People First is free. Anyone can join, especially people with learning disabilities  who live in Hammersmith and Fulham. Please contact SNPF on