How We Are Governed

We are an independent charity (no.1150840) and registered company (no. 8155114)

We are an independent charity (no.1150840) and registered company (no. 8155114), required to provide returns to the Charity Commissioners and Companies House.  The Trustees have ultimate responsibility for the charity and the Chief Executive is responsible for the operational management of the organisation.

There is a Trustees Board that meets regularly and sub-committees such as Finance feed into this Board.  The Trustees Board is required to maintain and nurture the financial health of the charity. Its role includes: regular scrutiny of finance policy, monitoring of reserves, approval of budgets, management and annual accounts subject to audit.We also ensures that the aims of the charity are central in all financial decision-making. Detailed work is carried out through the Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, which is answerable to the main Board.

Board of Trustees as of the 30th of November 2020

Julian Hillman

Chair of Trustees

“I am retired, having had a career in various forms of social work · My last job was as CEO of Ealing Mencap · I am involved in several other local charities and schools and has lived in the Borough since 1978 · I had a brother with learning disabilities who died 8 years ago “

Annabel Naylor

Trustee Board Member

“· I want to ensure those living with learning disability and autism make themselves heard loud and clear to gain the support they need · I have been Project Manager to the Disability Council for GSK, a global healthcare company · My many years of industry experience mean I can contribute effectively to the direction of HF Mencap · I have already been working voluntarily with the Trustees and Operational Team on how best to identify and manage risks”

Richard Shaw

Trustee Board Member

“· I have a background in commercial law · I have been a chair at Camden Mencap · I live locally · I can give advice on commercial and legal issues”

John Savage

Trustee Board Member

“· I’m a solicitor who has 22 years of practice, with a broad range of experience including regulatory, management, commercial and employment law · I want to work with a local charity. · I'm 48 and I was born in Cork, Ireland but my home is now in Hammersmith · I mentor a 12-year-old boy who has autism · This has helped me to see the support available to children with learning difficulties and their families and I would like to be part of an organisation who does something about this”

Christian Redon


“· I have 20 years in investment banking experience, the last 14 of which at a large banking institution · I have a family member with a severe disability and has experienced how parents and relatives can struggle to find adequate care and support · I look forward contributing helping empower children and adults with learning disabilities · I am the new HF Mencap Treasurer “

Laura Douglas

Trustee Board Member

“· I am dedicated and committed to the organisation, and my role as a trustee · I bring diversity to the current board in terms of age and nationality (South African by birth) · I have over 12 years of corporate experience, many at a senior level in a global financial services firm · I have empathy and understanding to have HF Mencap’s cause, as I have a close family member with learning challenges”

Matthew Rabson

Trustee Board Member

“· I am from Canada but I now live in England · I love all things airplane based · I have spent the 10 years of my career in different roles and countries, helping aerospace companies find opportunities, develop strategy, and create plans to achieve success · I am passionate about volunteer work. I spent 9 months in Colombia working for a charity that aimed to stop youth violence · My hope is to help HF Mencap continue to thrive and be a part of the journey”

Sairina Ramakrishnan

Trustee Board Member

“· My background is in event management and fundraising · I started in the hospitality sector and then moved to The Labour Party · I moved to the charity sector and have worked at The British Red Cross, DKMS (a blood cancer charity) and Coram (a children’s charity) · I have raised lots of money for different good causes that I am passionate about · I would like to be a Trustee at HF Mencap as my sister has learning disabilities and I would like to make the world a better, kinder and fairer place for her and her friends”

Samantha Jonhson

Trustee Board Member

“· I have lived with a learning disability all of my life · I am very passionate about how people with learning disabilities and/or autism are treated, I believe they should have the chance to have a job like everyone else · I am a Trustee as I want to speak up for people that have learning disability and/or autism, making sure they have a voice on HF Mencap’s Trustee Board