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Empowering children and adults with learning disabilities and autism to get their voice heard, reach their potential and be included in their local community

How can we help you?

We seek to promote the wellbeing and development of children and adults with learning disabilities and autism in all areas of their lives as well as supporting their families and carers.

Although HF Mencap is affiliated to National Mencap, we are independently registered and governed, and self-financed. If you wish to support our activities, donations should be made directly to HF Mencap.

Our Objectives

To provide support to access opportunities that ensure children and adults with learning disabilities and autism are:

  • Accepted and included in the community.
  • Have their views and needs listened to by decision makers.
  • Supported to live as independently as possible, through the freedom of choice and control.
  • Supported to campaign and stand up for their rights
  • Provided with the opportunities to continue to learn, develop and live their lives to the full.
  • Have their dreams met e.g. Make friends, form relationships, get a job, live in their own home.
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What HF Mencap means to you

HF Mencap supports people with a learning disability to achieve their potential
  • Thank you so much for your advice and support, your Parent/carer services are always a lifeline
  • I like cooking and outings and it was very nice to have a new experience like sewing. I really enjoy helping staff and clients.
    Client Kelly
  • All the best to you and all your wonderful people that make HF Mencap such a fab place for our young people to meet, learn and have fun.
  • I like how friendly are the staff, they treat me nicely. I also like to do yoga, fitness and shopping.
    Client Zoe
  • It is hard to socialize outside, it is very easy to socialize at Mencap
    Client Gus
  • I like HF Mencap because it is near home and easy for me to use and lots of things to do!
    Anonymous client
  • Parentsactive has really supported me this year when I have had anxiety and depression. I will never forget how quickly I was offered help.
  • I find Parentsactive – HF Mencap incredibly useful and supportive. The Training and advice events are really useful and a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other families.
  • I honestly don’t think I could have done the transition to college without you, thank you so so much for all the support and all the things you helped me with.
    Young Client
A BIG thank you to all funders that make our work possible