The Youth Development Project is tailor-made programme for anyone aged 13-25 with a learning disability who lives or goes to school in the Hammersmith and Fulham area. The project focuses on skills development, self-advocacy and independent living as well as social inclusion and fun activities. It begins this summer with a six week programme full of exciting activities and days out. The project will continue into term time with educational workshops which will encourage self and skills development. We also have a steering group, made up of young people to help improve and guide our service. The group meets once a month and anyone is welcome to join to have their say.

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Kirstin Jamieson Youth Development Coordinator

Kirstin joined HF Mencap in June 2018 after spending time working abroad. She has previously work as Youth Transition Coordinator where she supported young people with their transition into adulthood. Kirstin also has over 10 years’ experience working in the community with young people and their families.  She is currently developing a range of programmes, workshops and activities to help empower the individuals that she works with.